Software Solution

As a committed to excellence solution provider, we offer unique customer solutions through software development with process adherence, application quality assurance and application architecture using the latest industry technologies. We've developed a reputation for providing high quality, cost-effective custom applications for mid-market businesses that cover the spectrum of IT solutions. With each solution, we create a roadmap, taking into consideration what the future will bring-helping to ensure the solution will have a long and productive life, if required, to maximize our customers' investment. A large number of the applications we develop are custom-made applications addressing specific business needs of our clients. These customized approaches are based upon our Rapid Development Methodologies & Delivery Models and typically on a fixed time, fixed cost basis. We offer Smart Client solutions focused on delivering custom-built solutions accessed through a client such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, etc. Our Web solutions are focused on delivering Web-enabled deployment solutions required in organizations that wish to operate and transact through the Internet using XAML, HTML5, and any of your choice of language which can vary from PHP to Microsoft C#, ASP.Net, etc. Technologies we’ve expertise for-

  • Microsoft Technologies (C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, Silverlight, WWF, WPF, WCF)
  • Open Source (PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails)
  • Content Management Systems (Sharepoint, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento)
  • Database Management Systems (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase)
  • Business Intelligence (SSIS, SSRS, OBI)
  • Mobile Development (Altova, Android SDK, Convertigo)

Another way we can help maximize an investment: If customers are not aware of the full potential of a particular application, we can provide suggestions and develop custom solutions to realize the potential. Highlights:

  • Projects based on Microsoft tools and technologies for various verticals and domains including several joint engagements with Microsoft
  • Ability to work on a range of projects ranging from improving productivity to executing mission critical health care applications
  • Capability to draw from a large talent pool of highly qualified and certified Microsoft professionals
  • Ability to get our clients started on the latest Microsoft technologies by building advanced prototypes, proof of concepts and reference applications

Our Business Analysts will evaluate your organization's needs, prioritize your goals and help you to create the workflow to increase your productivity and reduce operational costs. A team of software engineers, database administrators and interface designers will design, develop and deploy your custom application.